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Professional Services - EDI, ALE,  BAPI

      TradeLink Solutions is a leader implementing EDI within SAP. Using our vast experience, TradeLink Solutions can take the unknown of how to incorporate those business processes that are not a part of standard SAP functionality.  Whether dealing with ANSI X12 or EDIFACT, we can provide our clients with GAP analysis between these standards and SAP Intermediate Documents (IDocs). For those requirements that are not in standard SAP, our consultants can provide solutions by properly extending IDocs and enhancing User Exits to add functionality. We place an emphasis on designing enhancements in a manner that will cause the least impact with future upgrades of SAP releases.

The following are some examples of implementation by functional area:

Sales & Distribution:

  •  Sales Orders (Inbound Purchase Orders)

  •  Sales Orders with SDQ functionality (Inbound Purchase Orders with SDQ segments)

  • Sales Order Acknowledgements (Outbound Functional Acknowledgements)

  •  Billing      (Outbound Invoice's)

  •  Forecast and Delivery Schedules (Inbound Planning Schedule with Release) 

  • JIT's (Inbound Inbound Shipping Schedule)


Logistics Execution:

  • Deliveries (Outbound ASN's)


    • Designed and developed outbound 3 and 5 level ASN data to customers, warehouses,  freight forwarders, freight payment systems, as well as a shipment status web site.
    • Consolidated Advanced Shipping Notcies

Materials Management - Purchasing:

  • Deliveries (Inbound ASN's)

    • Designed and developed 3 and 5 level inbound vendor ASN data


   Master Data:     

  • Customer Master change and creation 

    • Using inbound 816 data that contained new store and address changes




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