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Workflow Services

As leaders in SAP Business Workflow™ technology, our consultants possess unrivaled experience in developing Workflow and Web solutions for SAP™ and to integrate with their other legacy and "best of breed" solutions.  At TradeLink Solutions, Inc., we draw on experience in all the skills needed to move your custom  project from concept to reality.  And, we know all the tricks to assure that your processes deliver business results and perform technically.

Our focus for custom solutions falls into two major areas:

  • Workflow automation of core SAP™ processes.
  • Workflow integration of SAP™ back office processes with today's leading edge functions:  B2B, e-commerce and CRM.


The following are some examples of SAP Workflow & ITS custom solutions classified by functional area:

    Accounts Payable:

    • Routing and Approvals of Vendor Invoices (including   imaging)

    Accounts Receivable:

    • Notification and resolution of On Account cash

    • Notification of Sales of special invoice deductions

    • Collection support workflows such as Proof-of-Delivery

    Asset Accounting:

    • Fixed Asset Movements w/Forms

    • Asset Retirement

    GL and CO Processing:

    • GL account request, set up and notification

    • GL and CO set up coordination

    • Month end statement turnarounds

    Human Resources:

    • Vacation request

    • Class registration

    • Notification of employee changes: moves, promotions, rate, etc.

    • Hiring process and resume image capture

    • Web based training enrollment with manager approval

    • Benefits coverage change request

    • Termination / retirement

    • Leave of absence request

    • Travel & Expense processing

    • Process Job Applicants

    • Schedule and hold interviews

    • Draw up contracts

    • Set up new employee

    • Monitor applicants on hold

    IDOC Processing:

    • Pre approval of IDOC based price changes

    • Pre validation of EDI based Sales Order changes


    • AP image routing

    • Archive Link installation and training

    Materials Management:

    • Blocked Invoice Resolution

    • Goods Receipt Exception Resolution

    • Material Master Creation

    • Notify Requester of Procurement Status

    • Automated Request for Goods Receipt Entry

    • Vendor Creation

    Production Planning / Quality Management:

    • ECN/ECO processing and approval

    • MSDS approval and update

    • Exceptions on close of production order

    • Internal quality alert and notification

    • Vendor quality exception turnaround documents

    • Quality Notification - Customer Complaint

    Project System:

     Cost Allocation Approval:

    • Approval of individual costs being allocated to a project

    • Managers are notified if expense > low level budget

    • Manager is notified if cumulative $ > budget

    • Changes in lower level plans are announced upward

    • Coordinate settlement of completed projects to Fixed Assets

    Sales & Distribution:

    • Call Center Case Processing

    • Customer Setup / Data Collection

    • Creation of sales promotion

    • Price override approval and notification

    • Special shipment or freight handling

    • Approval of sales with abnormally low margin

    Service Management:

    • Re-pricing of contracts up for renewal

    • Quotation management

    Strategic Planning:

    • Strategy for integration of multiple workflow systems

    • Chart of authority strategy

    • Standards for technical workflow implementation



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