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 SAP Related Links

SAP Guidebooks  (order or download)
SAP Interface Repository     
SAP Internet Transaction Server
SAP Professional Journal              
SAP Simplification (Admin, EDI, ALE) 
SAP News and Events
SAP Teched
SAP XApps at SAP.com Solutions
SAP NetWeaver Technologiy at SAP.com Solutions
ASUG - SAP User Groups

 CRM Related Links

CRM-Forum: News
CRM Daily: News
CRM Destination: News
CRM Buyer
CNET WhitePapers
Customer Interaction Solutions
ITtoolbox: CRM Knowledge Base
CRM Advocate
CRM Industry.com
Customer Interface
crmindustry.com  - CRM General  News
SearchCRM.com - A Techtarget Website

 Standards and EC Organizational Links

Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA.org)
Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12
Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards (VICS)
Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards (VICS) - Bill of Lading
Uniform Code Council, Inc
Electronic Data Interchange Appendix A - ANSI X12 Standards

 SCAC Code Links

SCAC Code List: Bon-Ton Department Stores - PDF file contains 48 SCAC Codes
SCAC Code List: Compaq -  contains 29 SCAC Codes

 Java Related Links

JavaScript Source: Free JavaScripts, Example Code
SourceForge.net - Java  Snippets
SourceForge.net - Java Script Snippets
OnJava.com - Independent Source for Enterprise Java
A1 Java Script Resources

ASP Related Links

ASP Code Examples
LearningSpace: Collection of ASP Resources
Designplace - free scripts, Tutorial, Forum (ASP and Javascript)

CGI Related Links

The CGI Resource Index
Dreamcatchers - Free CGI scripts
Introduction to CGI and HTML - University of Kansas
Matt's Script Archive - Free Perl CGI scripts
Bignosebird - Free Perl CGI scripts
Bignosebird- Simple Intro to CGI
Bignosebird - Create a Simple CGI script

FrontPage 98, 2000, 2002 Related Links

FrontPage World : Web Design with Microsoft FrontPage 2000, FrontPage 2002,
Sitebuilder : FrontPage Tutorials, FAQs & Resources
Any Frontpage : Forum, articles, links, news, tutorials
at Frontpage : FrontPage 98, 2000, 2002 Help, Tips, Tutorials
Frontpage Tools : Templates, Tools, Training
Microsoft Site : Official Frontpage Website
Microsoft Site: Frontpage  Add-In Center
Microsoft Site : Links to other Frontpage tools
at Frontpage : Scripts 
at Frontpage : Add-Ins 
Frontpage World : ASP and Front Page 
Frontpage World : Links to other sites
FrontPage World : Templates
Frontpage World : Links for Backgrounds
Frontpage Talk : Forum 
FrontPage Forum Archive (Escribe)

Web Design Related Links

Microsoft: How to Add a Shortcut Icon to a Web Page
Microsoft:  MSDN Library
James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door: Favicon.ico -- The IE5 Bookmark Icon Page 
Favicon.com :  the java icon generator
Barchart.com : Free Stock Feeds
FreeNewsFeed.com: Free News Feeds
silicon.com :  News Feeds
Tradetek.com :  News Feeds
Adobe: Tips for Distributing PDF Files on the Web
Bignosebird - HTML Tag Reference Guide
Bignosebird - HTML Tips and Tricks

 Search Engine Submission Links

EXACTSEEK.com - Free Search Engine Submission
INEEDHITS.com - Free Search Engine Submission -  28 Search Engine's
ADDME.com - Free Search Engine Submission - 14 Search Engine's
ADDPRO.com - Free Search Engine Submission - 20+ Search Engine's
TRAFFICZAP.com - Free Search Engine Submission - 20+ Search Engine's

Unix Related Links

UnixHelp for Users
UnixHelp for Users - Online man command
Unix FAQ Links
General Unix Resources - Raycosoft
The UNIX Reference Desk
Shell Command Language Index
Shelldorado Script Archives
Shelldorado Scripts Grouped by Category
Unix Script Archive
CGI Resource Programs and Scripts
Unix Shell Script Information
Garbo Unix Collection
PRS Technologies Download Page
kshWeb Shell Scripts Page
SourceForge.net - Unix Snippets
Kinzler's Unix Utilities
Perl.com - The Source for Perl
Unix Scripts- General
Unix Scripts- age_files
Unix Scripts- cleanup
Unix Scripts- ls_today
Unix Scripts- lookfor
Unix Scripts- nextday
Unix man pages: split - split a file into pieces 
Unix man pages: csplit - split a file into sections
Unix man pages: csplit - split a file into sections
Unix man pages: grep - search a file for a pattern
Unix man pages: ping, ping6 - send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts

Utility Related  Links

ARIN Whois 
Ping utility - Heller Information Services @ his.com 
Unit Conversions - Metric Conversion @ admiralmetals.com
Unit Conversions - All types of UOM's @ tedanderson.com
Unit Conversions - Weight Unit Converter @ markhorell.com
Domain Search - buydomains.com
Area Code Lookup - melissadata.com
Phone Number, Zip, Street, Post Office Lookups - melissadata.com
Reverse Phone Number Lookup - AT&T
ZoneAlarm : Free Firewall Download 
WS_FTP Pro: Download 30 Day Evaluation 
UltraEdit - Text Editor - HEX Editor - HTML Editor - Programmers Editor
SPF/Source Edit - Download Demo from CTC
Capture-It! - Download 14 day trial of Screen Capture Utility
SnagIt - Download 30 day trial of Screen Capture Utility
WebVCR Light - Offline Web Browser Utility

Online Magazine  Related Links

Electronic Commerce World
eWeek - The Enterprise Newsweekly
Logistics Management
Modern Materials Handling
SupplyChain Management Review
Information Week
Info World

Oracle Related Links

Oracle Technology Network
Oracle Magazine
Oracle Adapter for R/3
Oracle9i Application Server - Integration





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